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                                                                                                    中        大

N6. Fresh Veggy with Abalone Mushroom 青菜炒鮑魚菇 $14.00 $22.00
N7. Red Roasted Sesame Soy Chips
      and Veggy
紅燒芝麻片和青菜 $14.00 $22.00
N8. Braised Crispy Delight and Veggy 干燒素魚和青菜 $14.00 $22.00
N9. Sweet and Sour Crispy balls 酸甜古魯素肉 $14.00 $22.00
N10. Gingery Delight with Fresh Veggy 薑絲素雞炒青菜 $14.00 $22.00
N11. Crispy Red Roast and Veggy 紅燒素鵝和青菜 $14.00 $22.00
N12. Crispy Soy Rolls and Veggy with Rice 素魚青菜飯 $13.50 $21.00
N13. Beijing Stewed Roast and
        Veggy with Rice
北京素醃鴨飯 $13.50 $21.00
N14. Mashed Tofu balls and
        Veggy with Rice
素獅子頭燴飯 $13.50 $21.00
N15. Soy Beefy balls and Veggy with Rice 素牛腩燴飯


N16. Omelette with Vegetable 青菜煎蛋 $12.00 $18.00

Full Course Meal (全餐)                                      Single   

Mini Portion of Entree; Soup & Dessert  
Main Dish ($13.50 range) with Rice or Noodle $25.00
Note: Prices will be higher with special request  

小份 點心, 湯, 甜點


主餐$14.00內 和飯或麵

Extras (外加)                                                                Bowl   Packet
                                                                                              小碗      盒

Rice 米飯 $1.40 $3.50
Ramen Noodle 拉麵 $1.70 $4.00
Coconut rice or Ginger Rice 椰醬飯 / 芝麻薑飯 $2.00 $4.50
Brown rice 粽色米飯 $2.00 $4.50
Brown Ginger Rice 粽色芝麻薑飯 $2.20 $5.00
Additional Sauce Per Sachet     $0.50


 Note : Prices will be higher with special request   Wine glass $1.00 each




*Above price range are subjected to changes as and when required