All the dishes comes in Regular or Large Sizes

12) Nonya Curry Soya roll with cashew       (Regular $17.00 Large $26.00)             on Hotplate                        
    鐵板'娘諾'咖哩 腰果素魚  
     Soy Protein with seaweed and curry Veggy and cashew nuts.

13) Claypot Herbal Lotus seeds Noodle Soup     (Regular $17.00 Large $26.00)
沙堡 當歸蓮子豆包 湯麵 (或 河粉, 米粉)
      Lotus seeds, Goji, Dang Kui Herbal Soup with Soycurd and Ramen or Rice         noodle or Rice Vermicelli.

14) Cloud Fungus with Soy Protein and veggy    (Regular $17.00 Large $26.00)
黑木耳豆片蔬菜和白米飯  或  麵
      Cloud Fungus, Soy Protein, Cauli, Broccoli in Black bean sauce with Rice         or Noodle.

15) Malaysian Tofu Goreng                                (Regular $17.00 Large $26.00)
      Tofu, Bean sprout with curry peanut sauce.

16) Plum sauce Soy Protein w/ Rice or Noodle(Regular $17.00 Large $26.00)
      on Hotplate
梅醬素雞和白飯  或  麵
     Soy Protein with sweet and sour plum sauce, Celery and Veggy in Black          bean sauce with Rice or Noodle.

17) Vegan Singapore Fried Rice                         (Regular $17.00 Large $26.00)
      Fresh veggy with pineapple, cucumber, cashew nuts, Soy protein and             sesame seeds.



*Above price range are subjected to changes as and when required