All the dishes comes in Regular or Large Sizes

1) Something 'Fishy' on Hotplate                       (Regular $17.00 Large $26.00)

    Slices of firm creamy soy protein with seaweed over fried Ramen noodle,
    fresh vegetable and cashew nuts serve on sizzling hotplate.

2) Claypot Coconut Curry noodle                      (Regular $17.00 Large $26.00)
    沙堡 椰汁 咖哩 豆腐 湯麵 (或 河粉, 米粉)
    Curry cooked in coconut milk with tofu, bean sprout, mushroom balls, and 
    Ramen noodle, or Flat rice noodle or rice vermicelli.

3) Hotplate Sambal Lemon Eggplant Tofu          (Regular $17.00 Large $26.00)
    Spicy sour Sambal Lemon Eggplant over Crispy Tofu on hot plate.

4) Chef Special Fried Rice                                (Regular $14.50 Large $22.00)
    大自然炒飯 (素火腿, 香菇絲, 豆腐, 青菜 和 腰果)
    Rice fried with tasty soy protein, shredded mushroom stem, 
    fried tofu, fresh
vegetable and cashew nuts.

5) Satay Noodle on Hotplate                             (Regular $17.00 Large $26.00)
    Satay on fried Ramen noodle with peanut sauce 
    served on sizzling hotplate.

6) Hotplate Lemon Red Roast Noodle                (Regular $17.00 Large $26.00)
Sweet and sour plum and lemon sauce over Crispy Red roast (Mienjin) with
    stir fried noodle and cashew nuts on sizzling hotplate.

7) Hotplate Brown Rice Delight                         (Regular $17.00 Large $25.50)
Brown rice with fried Organic tofu, Fresh Chinese Vegetable, Sunflower
    seeds, Melon seeds and sesame seeds on sizzling hotplate.

8) Crispy Sesame BBQ Fried Rice on Hotplate    (Regular $17.00 Large $26.00)
    BBQ Sesame sauce over Crispy protein with Nori and fried rice.



*Above price range are subjected to changes as and when required