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Welcome cafe will close on 18/May/2022

Will re-open on 08/JUNE with same trading times!!!!

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Welcome Cafe and Takeaway: Menu Concepts and Introduction




We do a wide range of authentic home cooked vegetarian / vegan meal without onion, garlic, leek, shallot and chive. No ‘MSG’ added in our cooking. We also offer a range of wheat-less option meal.

Our Entrée ranges from Northern China’s pan-fried dumpling & steam buns to Southern China’s spring rolls & wonton. The famous Malaysian curry potato ‘samosas’ are also in our menu. Vegetarian kebab, sticky rice with seaweed, crispy tofu and potato fries are also available.

There are about 10 different soups and about 40 main dishes for you to choose. We also offer different type of stir-fry / soup noodles for your plate. Northern China Ramen noodle, Singapore Silver Lining, Rice vermicelli, flat-rice noodle, crispy noodle light fry with fresh seasonal vegetables and assorted tasty soy protein or ‘meinjin’.

Our WINTER special is ‘Steam Boat’ with Thailand tomyum soup, Chinese ‘dong kuai’herbal soup, or Malaysian spicy ‘ma-lak’ soup. There are about 14 different types of rice with topping & stir fry rice on our menu. The more commonly ordered are ginger sesame rice and Beijing stewed roast fry rice.

For special occasion with your special friends, we have our CHEF SPECIAL and VEGAN SPECIAL. 9 specially prepared dishes served on sizzling hot cast iron plates and 7 authentically cooked Claypot dishes should make your dining out with us a lasting experience

For drinks and desserts, we serve organic fruit juices or freshly blended fruit juices. Canned drinks and sparkling grape juices are also available. Banana split, Goreng Pisang or fresh fruit salad are some of our popular dessert.

Please come for dine-in when you visit New Zealand, Christchurch.


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